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Past RS

Hai hai haiii~
Sometimes, I forgot the songs that I already recommend. Hahahaa (ᗒᗜᗕ) So, I decide to make this page . Click, click, click, and enjoy the music video . 

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JAN '19
Joanne Tseng 曾之喬- Guess 猜猜看 (OST Attention Love)

鼓鼓 GBOYSWAG - I'm Super Ready


周杰伦 Jay Chou - 告白气球 Confession Balloon

關詩敏Sharon Kwan - 別說Shh

Sorry, No RS for this month T.T

JULY '17 
謝和弦 R-chord x 張智成 Z-Chen – 在沒有你以後 Without you
五月天 Mayday - 成名在望 Almost Famous
井柏然 Jing Boran - 最初的梦想 The Initial Dream (OST Love O2O)
蔡旻佑 Evan Yo - 我想我可以 Believe

Recap : Nolscore's Mandarin Song Recommendations in May 2017 . Plus June?
劉艾立Erika x 宋念宇 Xiao Yu Sung - 當一個天使的憂愁 An Angel's Secret

MAY '17
黃明志Namewee x 王力宏 Leehom Wang - 漂向北方 Stranger In The North
魔幻力量 Magic Power - 我無法不愛你 I'm Incapable to Not in Love With You
张含韵 Baby Zhang x 曹轩宾 Shane Chao - 初恋未满 Singing When We Are Young (OST Singing When We Are Young)
宋念宇 Xiao Yu Sung - 慣性取暖 Habitual Love

APR '17
Recap : Nolscore's Mandarin Song Recommendations in April 2017
张碧晨 Zhang Bichen x 杨宗纬 Aska Yang - 涼涼 Coolness
F4 - 流星雨 Meteor Rain
楊宗緯 Aska Yang - 一次就好 Just Once (OST Goodbye Mr. Loser)
周湯豪 Nick Chou - 帥到分手 So Handsome We Broke Up

MAR '17
王大文 Dawen Wang x 陳芳語 Kimberley Chen - 練習愛情 Practice Love
林芯儀 Shennio Lin - 等一個人 Waiting For A Person (OST Cafe Waiting Love)
林宥嘉 Yoga Lin - 天真有邪 Spoiled Innocence

FEB '17
孙子涵 Niko Sun x 李佳薇 Jess Lee - 像我这样的少年 A Boy Like Me
八三夭 831 - 不關你的事 Not Your Business
那英 Na Ying - 默 Silence (OST Silent Separation)
品冠 Victor Wong - 年少時代 Boyhood

JAN '17
方大同 Khalil Fong x Fifi Rong -Run From Your Love
SpeXial - 憂傷來襲 When Grief Strikes
吳奇隆 Nicky Wu - 愛恨之間 Between Love and Hate (OST Legend of Zhu) 
楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 觀眾 The Audience

DES '16
陶喆 David Tao x 關詩敏 Sharon Kwan - 好好說再見 A Proper Goodbye  
五月天 Mayday - 派對動物 Party Animal
孫燕姿 Stephanie Sun - 半句再見 Half A Goodbye (OST At Cafe 6)
李治廷 Aarif Lee - 睡薔薇 Sleeping Rose

NOV '16 
安心亞 Amber An x Show Luo 羅志祥 - Handsome Guy 靚仔

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