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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Material Queen !

Now, I’m very happy because I have my first friend! I just want to say “I’m very happy!” ^.^
I hope next day I have more friend. ^.~

Let’s talk about Material Queen!

Who are the cast of this drama? I think you know that guy. He is Vanness Wu! He as Mei Zuo in Meteor Garden! Do you remember him? And that woman is Lynn Hung.

This Drama about one man who fall in love with material woman. Economic of that man is poor. His name is Jia Hao. He is a student in one university in Paris. He work as a man who pretend become a rich man.

One day, that man meet one woman. Her name is Lin Chu Man. She love money. She love a rich man. When she meet Jia Hao as rich man. She very excited. She doesn’t know the true, if Jia Hao is poor man. She try to make Jia Hao closer to her.

Step by step, they become closer. Jia Hao start loves Chu Man. Until one day, he give one bracelet. People said that if you give that bracelet for one woman, she is your pure love. Absolutely, Chu Man wear it because she know the true yet.

Chu Man breaks up with her last boyfriend. She thinks she will get more money, if she become Jia Hao’s woman. Someday she knows the true. She very angry and she doesn’t want to meet Jia Hao again!

But, destiny unites them again. When Chu Man back to Taiwan, she rent a small house and obvious that house is Jia Hao’s house. At the beginning, they dislike each other. Chu Man always get angry to Jia Hao. But, at the last they love each other . ^.~

That happy ending! ^.^
But, before that there are many barriers for them. do you want to know that barriers? Watch this drama!