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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Vanness Wu – With You Here .

Material Queen! Do you know it? What? Didn’t know? I already post synopsis of that drama. So, you haven’t read it yet? I’m so sad. T.T . . . ^.^ Just kidding!
If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it in Material Queen .

Have you finished read the synopsis? OK. This song is one of original soundtrack Material Queen. Who is the singer? I believe all of you know him. ^.~
Look at the picture!

Do you remember him? Yes, he is one member of famous Taiwanese boyband, F4. F4! I believe you know them! They were so popular after they play in Meteor Garden. Vanness’s hair is so long, isn’t it? But now . .

So different! So handsome! So cool! So charismatic! Wow! ^.^
OK back to this song! ^.~

“You Ni Zai” or “With You Here” is a song which full of sadness. This song tells us about one man who is so lonely, because his special woman left him. It made his heart hurting. He knew that everything can be replaced except that woman. She gave him warmth, she gave him courage, and she gave him one special thing called love. Remember it, he felt so sad! He wanted back in the time when he and his woman holding hands walk together in their world. T.T

So sad, isn’t it? Maybe you must know some part of lyrics from this song. T.T

“You ni zai, qian shou jiu neng qu nuan.
(With you here, holding hands can give me warmth)
You ni zai, yong bao jiu neng yong gan.
(With you here, embracing you can give me courage)
Ru guo shi jian dao zhuan.
(If I could turn it back time)
You ni zai . .
(With you here . . )
Ni bu xi huan de wo hui gai.”
(I’ll change all the things that you didn’t like)

“You ni zai, ping fan jiu bu ping fan.
(With you here, ordinary becomes special)
You ni zai, yi han jiu neng mei man.
(With you here, regret becomes bliss
Ru guo sheng ming chong lai.
(If life can start over)
Wo tan bai . !
(I’ll be honest . !)
Ni hui dong wo de ai.”
(You will understand my love)

Those lyrics are full of sad feeling. Can you feel it? Besides that, this song has other part which makes us feel so sad. That part is the instruments. This song was started by sound from one violin. That describes that this is a song about love and hurt. Then there’s a sound from piano. Very beautiful! T.T

“Zhi you ni bu neng ti dai!” T.T
(Only you that impossible to be replaced)

A little question,
Do you know what is the thing which Vanness bring at second picture? ^.~

Monday, 17 December 2012

Brown Sugar Macchiato .

Before we talk about this drama, I want to say welcome to all my new friends in this blog. Welcome to my little blog. And thanks for your appreciations.
Xie xie! ^.^

BSM is one drama about six boys who have same father but different mother. Haha It’s so funny. This drama was realized on 2007. The cast of those six boys is Lollipop. They are Ao Quan, Wang Zi, Xiao Yu Wei Lian, Xiao Jie, and Ah Wei. They are very cute. ^.^

Besides that, there is Hei Girl. They are Tong Tong, Gui Gui, Mei Mei, Da Ya, Xiao Jie, Xiao Xun, Xiao Man, Apple and Ya Tou. In this drama, Hei Girl is Lollipop classmate. ^.~

One day, those boys have met by their father. They never met each other before. They surprised to know that their father have other son. They could’t believe that their father was playboy! One boy said to his father: “I can’t believe this! I think you are faithful with my mother! But . .” “All of your mothers are so beautiful. I can’t choose only one. So, I have marriage with your entire mother. Hahaha,” the father replied.

The boys so angry! They walked to leave that room. But, the father’s assistant tells them that their father wanted to give them his entire things. If they can live together for one year, they will get one hundred million. All of them agreed to live together except Xiao Yu. The assistant said: “If one son doesn’t follow, then all of you won’t get anything.” Suddenly, Ao Quan, Wang Zi, Wei Lian, Xiao Jie, and Ah Wei forced Xiao Yu to follow them. The way they forced Xiao Yu is very crazy. Haha ^.~

First of all, they must go to their new home. When they arrived, they looked their new home. It was so dark. One of them said: “This home like a ghost’s home!” Suddenly, the door was opened by someone inside. Her hair was long, and her head was back down. The boys were terrified! “Ghooost!!!” “Aaaaaaa!! Where’s the ghooost?? Where’s the ghooost!!!” surprised someone inside. “You!!” the boys replied. “?!*?!’@#!*&%?!!!”

Someone inside is Ya Tou. She will help the boys in that home. After they entered that home, they wanted to take a rest in bedroom. But, in that home only have 3 bedrooms. So, they must sleep with one other boy. Ao Quan with Wang Zi, Xiao Yu with Ah Wei, and Xiao Jie with Wei Lian. They disliked each other. Then, they fight with their each way. Hahaha ^.^

Ao Quan and Wang Zi fighter in race like F1! Xiao Yu and Ah Wei fight with their own way. Xiao Yu played his electric guitar loudly, at the same time Ah Wei turned on his radio with high volume and dance happily! They made their home like a big stage!! So noisy!  Ya Tou was so panic. She brought a pan at hit their head with that pan! After that, she heard Wei Lian and Xiao Jie fighter in other room. She was angry, went to other room, hit their head and said: “Don’t fightiiing!”

Next day, they went to their new school. They met one girl who pretends to become a teacher. She punished them because they face was so bad! Hahaha It is strange reason!

After that, they came to their new class namely 206. There were nine girls who one of them have lied the boys.

It was a beginning of their journey! ^.^

One year is not a short time for them. The togetherness of them isn’t easy as they think. That year is full of barriers. But they keep spirit! We also must keep spirit! Jia You!! ^.~

The genre is school comedy, so many part of comedy in this drama. Besides that, this drama has some part of romance also. If you like drama with romance comedy in school, I recommend you to watch this drama!!

Oh ya, I almost forget. Look at the last picture! Who’s gone??

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Greeny ! Sodagreen .

I believe that you think that greeny in something about green. Go green! Maybe you are right, but maybe you are wrong. ^.^
Look at the picture!

Full of green color, isn’t it? But, Greeny doesn’t mean full of green color. Greeny is someone who stays in that pict! He so cute, isn’t he? ^.^
Yes, his name is Greeny. He is main vocal in one band called Sodagreen. Haha, actually we talking all about green! Greeny, Sodagreen, and maybe green colour. Haha ^.~

His real name is Wu Qing Feng. He was born at 30 August 1982. Actually, now he is 30 years old. But, his face so cute!! Besides of his cute face, I love his voice! His voice very comfortable. He has unusually high pitched and boyish, with his falsetto prominent in many Sodagreen’s song. I love it very much! ^.^

I’ve told you that he is main vocal in Sodagreen. In addition, he is songwriter also. Many Sodagreen’s song are written by Greeny. If you know that all of Sodagreen’s song have a meaning each song. And the words very good! I love it! And you must know that he ever had awards in 2007. He had choosen to be “Best Composer” at Golden Melody Awards! Wow ^.^

Just for fun. Look at the picture, and choose who is greeny!!

Don’t forget to listen Sodagreen’s song, like xing fu e du, ni zai fan nao shen me, xi huan ji mo, etc. ^.^

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Life Is Like A Song !

Yesterday, 27th November 2012 was my 17th birthday! Sweet seventeen. ^.^
I was very happy. My family and my friends said “Happy Birthday” to me. I was very excited. In my last year in senior high school, I got more friends who care about me. Thanks you so much. I love U all. ^.~

Life is like a song! I love those words, because I feel my life is like a song. A song isn’t only some words have been written by someone. For me, a song is some words which have more meaning if we believe that!

Yesterday was the first day to begin the new day. Brand new day! I hope I will be better than before. Be diligent,  be smart, and do the best for my life! I will write my life in a chain of words like a song,, Jia You !! ^.~

Back to yourself, are you believe that? ^.^

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Karen Mok – He Doesn’t Love Me !

I’m so sorry. More than one month I didn’t post anything. That is because This is my last years in Senior high school. So, I must focus to my school. Hope you understand me. ^.^
Ok! This day I bring one song which represent my feeling. Please read it and leave your coment. ^.~

“Ta bu ai wo” is mean he doesn’t love me! This song represents my love story. There’s a man who doesn’t love one woman in front of him. He never forgets his last love. In his heart, he still has something to someone else!

So painful! He never thinks about me. He only thinks about her! Not me! I know it clearly! The expression in his eyes speaks his mind. From his eyes, I know that he never open his heart to me. What can I do?

“Ta bu ai wo. Jingguan ruci. Ta haishi ying zou le wo de xin!”
“He doesn’t love me. Nonetheless. He still won my heart away!” T.T

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Material Queen !

Now, I’m very happy because I have my first friend! I just want to say “I’m very happy!” ^.^
I hope next day I have more friend. ^.~

Let’s talk about Material Queen!

Who are the cast of this drama? I think you know that guy. He is Vanness Wu! He as Mei Zuo in Meteor Garden! Do you remember him? And that woman is Lynn Hung.

This Drama about one man who fall in love with material woman. Economic of that man is poor. His name is Jia Hao. He is a student in one university in Paris. He work as a man who pretend become a rich man.

One day, that man meet one woman. Her name is Lin Chu Man. She love money. She love a rich man. When she meet Jia Hao as rich man. She very excited. She doesn’t know the true, if Jia Hao is poor man. She try to make Jia Hao closer to her.

Step by step, they become closer. Jia Hao start loves Chu Man. Until one day, he give one bracelet. People said that if you give that bracelet for one woman, she is your pure love. Absolutely, Chu Man wear it because she know the true yet.

Chu Man breaks up with her last boyfriend. She thinks she will get more money, if she become Jia Hao’s woman. Someday she knows the true. She very angry and she doesn’t want to meet Jia Hao again!

But, destiny unites them again. When Chu Man back to Taiwan, she rent a small house and obvious that house is Jia Hao’s house. At the beginning, they dislike each other. Chu Man always get angry to Jia Hao. But, at the last they love each other . ^.~

That happy ending! ^.^
But, before that there are many barriers for them. do you want to know that barriers? Watch this drama!

Friday, 17 August 2012

In Time With You .

That is Taiwanese drama. The cast are Wilson Chen and Ariel Lin. Did you know them?

Ariel Lin became famous since she play in It Start with A Kiss and They Kiss Again. If you are mandarin lover, I believe you know that drama. Of course, that is Ariel Lin. In Time with You is a new Ariel Lin’s drama. She play with Wilson Chen also known as Chen Bo Lin. ^.^

In Time with You is drama about two best friends who didn’t know that they fall in love with each other.  Ariel Lin as Chen You Qing, and Wilson Chen as Lin Da Ren. ^.^

When they in senior high school, they didn’t agreed. Until one day, Da Ren wants to be closer with You Qing and said “I won’t like you”. Then, they became a friend. Day by day, year by year, they exceed it as best friend. ^.^

One day, You Qing listened a recorder. She surprise! There is Da Ren’s voice who singing a song. The title of that song is I won’t like you. She cried when she listen that song. She know that Da Ren love her. She run away to her home. She take a letter from Da Ren. She can’t stop her crying! T.T

At the moment, she know that she also love Da Ren. They meet each other, and say what they feel. After that, they become a couple.  ^.^

Just it. If you want to know about it, maybe you can watch it. ^.^

Teresa Teng – The Moon Represent My Heart .

This song is a song who never end. This song became famous at 70’s. It’s a long time, isn’t it? For me until now this song still famous. This song has been sung by many singer in the world. In our country, Agnez Monica also ever sang this song with Jerry Yan. Very romantic. ^.^

What? I just talk about Agnez and Jerry Yan? Ooh, I’m sorry. But don’t worry, next time I will talk about another. So, stay in this blog! ^.^

This song tell about a woman who want to explain something to a man.  She want to explain that her love for him very real. Until she says that the moon represent her heart. This song very romantic for me!

She says that her affection is real and it doesn’t waver. She also says, her love is real and it won’t change. Wow! It is romantic, isn’t it?

“ni qu xiang yi xiang, ni qu kan yi kan, yue liang dai wo de xin . . !”
“go think about it, go and have a look (at the moon), the moon represent my heart . . !”

So sweet . . ^.^

Welcome To My New Heart !

Long time I didin’t post anything in this blog. I thought about this blog continuously. And I got an idea that I will post my notes with English. I will try it. ^.^

I want you join in this blog. You can ask me about my notes. I hope you will enjoy it. And If there is a mistake, please forgive me. Thank you so much !

I just wanna say, welcome to my new heart! . . ^.^

Friday, 20 July 2012

M2M – Dear Diary !

Hwaaaa . . !
Saya senang sekali bisa punya lagu ini. Saya gak nyangka bisa mendengar lagu ini lagi! Sudah bertahun – tahun saya tidak pernah mendengar lagu ini. Mungkin karna dulu saya mendengarnya berkali – kali, sekarang saya masih hafal walaupun sedikit lupa. Gak percaya? Saya gak bohong ko. ^.^

Pertama kali saya mendengar lagu ini adalah saat saya berada di kelas VIII atau kelas 2 SMP. Saat jam pelajaran bahasa Inggris, saya harus mengisi kata – kata yang hilang dari lirik lagu ini. Lagu ini diputar terus – menerus, maklum daya tangkap kata Inggrisnya masih lemah alias agak lola. Hehe

Kemungkinan lagu ini diputar lebih dari 15 kali atau 20 kali . Sampai saya juga ikut nyanyi, haha. Setelah selesai, saya tak pernah mendengarkan lagu ini. Dulu saya pernah ngedownload judulnya sama tapi saya lupa penyanyinya. Saya download aja yang itu.  Eh ternyata, lagunya beda jauh. Salah download. Haha

Sekarang saya sudah kelas XII atau 3 SMA. Jadi sudah 4 tahun saya tidak mendengar lagu ini. Awalnya ada seseorang yang meminta saya mengartikan salah satu lagu M2M, tapi lagu yang lain. Pas saya lihat lagu – lagu M2M ada Dear Diary. I’m very happy. The meaning of this song as same as how I feel today.
“something good happened today . . !” ^.^

“What can I do? Tell me what can I say. When do I let him know I feel the same way. How can my feeling be so hard to show when, I really want him to know!” ^.^

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jerry Yan – You Are My Only Resolution .

Semua pasti tahu Jerry Yan. Dia jadi Dao Ming Si di drama meteor garden. Masih ingat? Kalau gak ingat nonton lagi aja meteor garden. Hehe

Lagu yang ini bukan original soundtrack meteor garden, tapi original soundtrack dari drama yang mengisahkan tentang seorang dokter gitu. Jerry Yan yang jadi dokternya. Di drama ini ada artis dari Indonesia juga, Agnez Monica. Ada yang tahu?

The Hospital ! Itulah judul dramanya. Disini saya bukan mau membahas tentang dramanya, tapi lagunya. Judulnya ada di atas. Hehe ^.^

Lagu ini menceritakan tentang seorang laki – laki yang telah meninggalkan perempuan yang dicintainya sendiri dalam kesepian. Dalam lagu ini dia ingin menyampaikan maafnya kepada sang perempuan. Dia berkata tak ada waktu untuk menangis dan menyesal, karna dia sudah berjanji bahwa dia akan menaklukkan dunia untuk sang perempuan. It’s so sweet, isn’t it?

“mei you wen du de ai you duo tong . .”
“Tak ada kehangatan dalam cinta akan terasa sangat menyakitkan . .”

Apa itu benar? Saya juga tidak tahu. Hehe ^.^

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hu Xia – Those Years .

Sebulan yang lalu, saya sangat suka dengan lagu ini. So romantic for me.  Lagu ini jadi original soundtrack salah satu film mandarin yang sampai saat ini saya belum menontonnya. Curcol dikit hehe

You are the apple of my eye itu judul filmnya. Nanti kalau saya dah nonton, saya posting sinopsis singkatnya. Tapi itu juga gak janji hehe ^.^

Lagu ini menceritakan tentang seorang laki - laki yang mengenang masa lalunya yang indah bersama seorang perempuan. Dia tak kan pernah melupakan masa lalunya itu. Karna bagi dia masa itu adalah masa yang penuh dengan “ai qing” yang berarti percintaan. So sweet. Coba deh dengarkan dan lihat videonya ^.^

Kalau melihat videonya kerasa sedih banget. Pas dengan hatiku sebulan yang lalu. Maka dari itu saya sangat menyukai lagu ini. So sweet, so sad, so . . galau T.T

 “zai yi ci xiang yu wo hui jin jin bao zhe ni . .”
“If we meet again, I’ll hug you tightly . .”  T.T

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Meteor Garden .

Siapa yang tidak tahu Taiwan drama yang satu ini. Drama yang sangat popular sekitar tahun 2000-an. Drama ini adalah drama yang pertama kali saya tonton pas saya SD. Zaman dahulu kala. Haha

Kalau ingat drama ini jadi ingin ketawa terus ingat rambut Dao Ming Si yang wow banget. Speechless deh. Hehe

Drama tentang geng laki - laki yang bisa dibilang bintang di kampusnya. Lihat ada gambar bintangnya kan?  Geng itu disebut F4. Mereka ditakuti sama mahasiswa lainnya. maka dari itu saya kasih bintang warna hitam. hehe

Ketua gengnya bernama Dao Ming Si. Tapi, ada satu perempuan yang gak takut sama geng itu. Dia bernama San Chai.

San Chai dan Dao Ming Si sering bertengkar. Mereka benci satu sama lain. Lihat apa yang di pegang Dao Ming Si? Yang sudah nonton pasti tahu. Itu adalah kartu peringatan F4 ke mahasiswa yang menentang mereka.

Fotonya lucu ya? Dao Ming Si dah ngeluarin kartu peringatan, San Chai malah ketawa – ketawa. Saya juga jadi ingin ketawa. Hahaha

Kelihatan banget ya kalau San Chai nantang Dao Ming Si. Tapi pada akhirnya mereka  malah jatuh cinta. Mungkin karna benih – benih cinta yang diterbangkan oleh San Chai. Hahaha kata - kata saya terlalu so sweet. ^.^

Ayo siapa yang lagi benci sama seseorang? Hati – hati nanti bisa kayak drama Meteor Garden.  Hehe

Catatan kali ini :
Jangan benci terhadap seseorang secara berlebihan. Kemungkinan besar nanti kamu akan mencintainya. ^.^

Welcome To My Heart !

Selamat datang di hati saya. Kenapa bukan welcome to my blog ya? Malah welcome to my heart. Hehe

Seperti lagu Kingone Wang, welcome to my heart. Ko begitu? Karna catatan – catatan yang ada di sini adalah catatan dari hati saya. Sepertinya saya terlalu puitis. Hehe

Tapi, memang itulah adanya. Blog ini saya bikin untuk berbagi catatan kecil yang ada di hati saya. Jadi, blog ini mewakili hati saya. Smoga smuanya suka dengan catatan kecil saya ini. ^.^