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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Michael Wong – Our Story !

I’m back again! =)
I bring one good song again. But, it is sad song.

Look at the picture!

He is Michael Wong a.k.a Guang Liang. He is handsome, isn’t he?

OK! Let’s talk about this song!
The first I heard this song, and watched the video. I didn’t know why I felt so sad, so painful. Actually I wanted to cry! At that time, I only watch some part in the end. Not clearly. So, I haven’t understood the story yet.
When I watched this video clearly, my tears fell down. The story in the video is like my story. Someone in my side is like so far! The distance is like the earth and the sun. The earth wants to take step closer. But, it’s so dangerous. If the earth so close with the sun, it will be burnt. =(
Because of that, the earth only stays in its traffic. =(

“Wo Men De Gu Shi” meant Our Story. Primarily, I want to tell you about the story in this song. But, I think you should watch the video and find the story by yourself. Not for me. =)
These are my favorite parts. =)

If you want watch the Official video, please click Michael Guang .
And if you want to see the translation you can click Our Story .      

“Sui ran wo men ceng mi shi, yi ran chong fu shang yan zhe tian mi. 
(Even though we were once lost, we still repeatedly acted sweetly)"

That’s all. I can take this anymore! I wanna cry! =(
Bye bye =)

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