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Monday, 30 September 2013

[Review] :: Yoga Lin – Unrequited .

Hello September ! ^0^ Hi … I’m sorry.. guys
Now, I know that Student College has much different part with student in Senior High School. More times I must spend to think about Academic, Organization, etc. And you know? I’m so tired! (-_-) *bad_eyes
So, I hope you can forgive me. ^o^ …… skip>>>

Yoga Lin. The charismatic man with expensive lips. *upss isn’t it? (^o~) hahaha
Let’s back to the review! . . . Skip>>>
OK, I’ll tell you the story in this song. This song is the one of two my favourite song in September. It is about one man who willing waste his time only for a girl who doesn’t love him. Oh my …

In this month I listen this song every night, although this song isn’t new song, Maybe it causes I feel lonely in this month. In August, there’s boy who so kind on me. In the morning and afternoon, he reminded me for what I must do. In the night, he accompanied me by short message until I sleep. He said that I must take care to myself, enjoy the new environment. Now, he never sent me a message again. Every night, I wait his message but nothing. I don’t know what’s wrong on me. Why he had been change so fast?!

“Mei guan xi ni ye bu yong gei wo ji hui,, Fan zheng wo hai you yi sheng ke yi lang fei.”
It's alright, you don't need to give me a chance. Anyway, I still have a whole life to waste away (T.T)

Those words I sent to that boy. I’m sorry, if I annoyed you brother. I hope you’ll get your happiness without me. Gan Yi Bei !! :: OK close my diary, open the review. ^o^

Those are my favourite parts in this song. The man waits the little space to get in girl’s heart, but the girl never gives a little chance for the man. Oh … my heart is hurting!! (>.<)
If you want to see the video click _video .. if you want to find the story, you can click _Lyrics ^o^

 “Jiu suan wo zai qu nu li ai shang shei dao tou lai ye shi bai fei …
Bu ru yong yuan gen ni hao lai de kuai le, dui bu dui?”

Even if I go love someone else with all I can, in the end it'll be a waste,,
Its better that I just waste an eternity on you, and be happy, right or wrong? T.T

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