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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Vanness Wu – With You Here .

Material Queen! Do you know it? What? Didn’t know? I already post synopsis of that drama. So, you haven’t read it yet? I’m so sad. T.T . . . ^.^ Just kidding!
If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it in Material Queen .

Have you finished read the synopsis? OK. This song is one of original soundtrack Material Queen. Who is the singer? I believe all of you know him. ^.~
Look at the picture!

Do you remember him? Yes, he is one member of famous Taiwanese boyband, F4. F4! I believe you know them! They were so popular after they play in Meteor Garden. Vanness’s hair is so long, isn’t it? But now . .

So different! So handsome! So cool! So charismatic! Wow! ^.^
OK back to this song! ^.~

“You Ni Zai” or “With You Here” is a song which full of sadness. This song tells us about one man who is so lonely, because his special woman left him. It made his heart hurting. He knew that everything can be replaced except that woman. She gave him warmth, she gave him courage, and she gave him one special thing called love. Remember it, he felt so sad! He wanted back in the time when he and his woman holding hands walk together in their world. T.T

So sad, isn’t it? Maybe you must know some part of lyrics from this song. T.T

“You ni zai, qian shou jiu neng qu nuan.
(With you here, holding hands can give me warmth)
You ni zai, yong bao jiu neng yong gan.
(With you here, embracing you can give me courage)
Ru guo shi jian dao zhuan.
(If I could turn it back time)
You ni zai . .
(With you here . . )
Ni bu xi huan de wo hui gai.”
(I’ll change all the things that you didn’t like)

“You ni zai, ping fan jiu bu ping fan.
(With you here, ordinary becomes special)
You ni zai, yi han jiu neng mei man.
(With you here, regret becomes bliss
Ru guo sheng ming chong lai.
(If life can start over)
Wo tan bai . !
(I’ll be honest . !)
Ni hui dong wo de ai.”
(You will understand my love)

Those lyrics are full of sad feeling. Can you feel it? Besides that, this song has other part which makes us feel so sad. That part is the instruments. This song was started by sound from one violin. That describes that this is a song about love and hurt. Then there’s a sound from piano. Very beautiful! T.T

“Zhi you ni bu neng ti dai!” T.T
(Only you that impossible to be replaced)

A little question,
Do you know what is the thing which Vanness bring at second picture? ^.~

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