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Saturday, 11 January 2014

[List] :: My Favorite Songs in November 2013 !

Hi! Friends, I’m going to share my favorite songs in November 2013. I know it’s too late. But, I wish this list can add your playlist. Hehe
OK! Check this out!

_Ming Dao feat Jason Hsu – Looking for My Best Friend .

It is old song but still touch my heart. The un-special November. *hurting
Ost Ying Ye 3 + 1 (2007). This song is about friendship, exactly long time friendship. Best friend, easy to speak that. But, it is so hard to find in the whole life. That is right, isn’t it?

[My Blog] :: Remake blog 2014 !

Hello, my lovely unknown friends! *plakk  hahaha
Did you miss me? Did you love me? ::lol:: OMG, my stress level over the standard!

How are you guys! Are you still ok? I miss to share with you, but,, I don’t know how to say. I’m soooo busy. 2 month I didn’t post anything. And the end, I’m come back in 2014! Are you happy?
Whhatt? NO?!! Oh my .. It is unpredictable word. . . . . . .  no problem, coz It’s time to remake blog! Why??